Need a Conveyancing Solicitor in Essex? Here’s How to Choose the Right One

You’ve found your dream house and you’re ready to buy but first, you need a conveyancing
solicitor. With numerous firms in Essex alone, how are you supposed to choose the right
one? We understand that the whole process can be a little confusing so we’ve compiled a
list of six things we think you need to consider before making a decision. Here are our top

1. Accreditation

Before you consider anything, you have to make sure your conveyancer is accredited. You
may come across the different terms ‘conveyancing solicitor’ and ‘licensed conveyancer’ but
they are almost one and the same. A conveyancing solicitor is a legally trained solicitor who
specialises in property law whereas a conveyancer is simply someone who focuses on
property sales. Both are professionally trained and you shouldn’t be put off by one or the
other, just make sure their firm is accredited.
This means one of two things, either the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) or the CLC
(Council for Licensed Conveyancers). For example, here at Garnett Wilson our partners
have over 60 years of experience in property law between them and are regulated by the

2. Reviews

This may sound like an obvious one but it’s surprising how many people don’t check solicitor
reviews. With so many different media channels it’s almost impossible for a business to
operate today without having something written about them. Use reviews on the
conveyancer’s website, social media channels or google and check what the general public
are saying about them. There’s no one better to trust than those who have experienced what
you’re about to go through.

3. Price

The price of a conveyancer is of course very important to most house buyers. Compare your
prices across firms before making any rash decisions. If you opt for a higher rate but more
professional service then make sure you are getting exactly what you expect for your money.
Many conveyancers do not include the small extras in the initial bill, which can add up.
Garnett Wilson provides a fixed price quote for our fees and we clearly state any possible
extra costs so that you know what to expect; we don’t believe in hidden costs.
Make sure that the firm you decide to work with breaks down the costs for you so that you’re
confident knowing what you’re paying for before you agree. For a no obligation fixed fee
quote you can either call (01702 333 676) or e-mail ( our New
Business Team, or for a price estimate use our online estimator [link to homepage estimator
once it is live].

4. Time

Your time is valuable so make sure your conveyancer doesn’t waste yours. The average
time for a deal to be processed is 8-10 weeks. If your conveyancer is efficient they should be
able to do it within this time slot unless complications arise. It is unlikely that the process will
take any less time than this so if a firm promises you a turnaround in 6 weeks be cautious as
they might not be able to deliver.
Part of time keeping is to be flexible. We don’t believe in leaving you to hang out to dry if
things don’t go quite the way you planned. If you or your buyer/seller decide to pull out of the
sale/purchase, we will keep your file open for a short period until you have found an
alternative property or buyer/seller.

5. Communication

The buying/selling of a house is ranked up there as one of the most stressful experiences
someone can have in their life but it doesn’t have to be as long as you have good
communication with your conveyancer. Before you agree on anything make sure you lay out
the kind of communication you expect from them. Find out what happens if your main point
of contact is ill or on holiday –– is there another team member you’ll be able to speak to if it’s

Our friendly team are always on hand be it in person, over the phone or by e-mail to update
you on your file’s progress. We always work to make sure your calls and e-mail enquiries are
responded to quickly and efficiently. What’s more is that if you choose to work with Garnett
Wilson we will allocate a dedicated conveyancer who will look after your matter from start to

6. Location

While many assume that your conveyancer has to be local to your property, this is not true.
In fact, we deal with properties all over the UK and are well versed in the different Stamp
Duty laws that can be found in Wales.
Whoever you decide to choose to deal with your property affairs make sure you use our tips
above to help you pick someone trustworthy. Remember accreditation, reviews, price, time,
communication and location. Turn a stressful process into a smooth experience.

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