How to get the asking price for your home

Selling your home can sometimes be a straightforward and quick enough process. But at the opposite end of the scale can be drawn out, exhausting and without success.

How to sell your home

Giving yourself the best chance of a sale at full asking price is the ideal route for a low hassle experience. Of course the price of your home matters, so advertising a realistic sale price is a must. In order to achieve the desired sale price you will need to make sure your viewers see your home at its best.

There are a few simple things you can do for free or very cheaply, to make your house as appealing as possible. First impressions count so you want your buyers to see your house as somewhere that has light and space, and somewhere they can visualise themselves living.

Remember, the goal is to sell your home, so you might need to make a few changes to make potential buyers fall in love with what they see.

We’ve put together a list of a things that you can easily do to get that sale.

Clear weeds and rubbish – A general lawn mowing and weeding session at the back and front of the house is generally good enough. The front garden is usually the first thing a potential buyer will notice, and sets the expectation for the rest of the viewing so keeping it tidy is a must. If you have large items to dispose of but cannot get to the local tip yourself, check your council’s website as they may be able to arrange collection of larger items for a small fee.

Clean and neat windows and dressings – Making sure your windows are clean and the curtains / blinds / nets are straight, neat and tidy will help your house look smart from the outside, helping the ‘kerb appeal’.

Cleanliness – If you don’t have time for a full spring clean, vacuuming carpets and a quick dusting will mean that your viewers can focus on looking at your house, not how you live.

Clear clutter – Clutter makes a house feel smaller, messy and difficult for the potential buyer to visualise themselves enjoying the space. If you can, gather your collection of ornaments, photos and magazines and keep them in a cupboard or boxed in the garage or another place.

General tidiness – If you have a viewing scheduled, a quick run around and placing items into a bag to keep hidden from view, even if it’s only until the viewing is over will help.

Kitchen and bathrooms – Kitchen and bathroom replacements are often expensive home projects, so showing potential buyers that your kitchen and bathrooms don’t need to be extended or replaced is appealing.

  • If kitchen appliances can be put away and worktops kept clear, it will give the impression of more space.
  • Painting tiles and kitchen units to refresh or re-colour dated styles will make an unbelievable difference.
  • There are some very clever options for adding an inexpensive film to your existing worktop to give it a new look at the fraction of the cost of a replacement, available at DIY stores.
  • Re-grouting tiles and replacing worktop / basin / bath / shower seals are inexpensive and relatively easy to do. It will give the impression of cleanliness and is much more appealing to viewers.

Repair hairline cracks in paintwork – Hairline cracks are often purely cosmetic and easy to fix with filler and repainting. Don’t give a potential buyer any reasons to doubt that your home is for them.


Want to spend a little more?

If you have more cash to spend on home improvements to help sell your house, there are multiple options available:

  • Replacing dated kitchen units and worktops.
  • New light fittings. Simple, stylish fittings are widely available, from high street stores to Swedish home stores at low prices.
  • Change the front door. Make your home stand out to buyers. A smart new front door will leave a lasting impression.

Is it worth doing all of this? Absolutely! You will reap the rewards of your investment. Just making some of the changes above will make your home more attractive to buyers and can help you sell your home quickly, and more likely to be at your asking price.


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