Hints & Tips on Purchasing or Selling Homes

The Energy Performance Certificate “EPC”

It is the responsibility of the Selling Agent (or the Seller on a private sale) to produce this on sale and is indeed a legal requirement. Remember, when you have purchased a property, and completion has taken place ensure that you have kept a copy of the EPC as it can be used for up to 10 years after sale, thus saving some money on re-sale.


Do not be bamboozled into thinking that you can’t use your own Solicitor or Conveyancer where that Solicitor or Conveyancer is not on the Lender’s panel. Most Solicitors and Conveyancers will incorporate the Lender’s additional costs into their quote price for the work that they are doing for you, without it costing any more money. So if you have a regular Solicitor or Conveyancer that you use and want to continue with then you can do this.

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